Ohio Animal Shelter Sits Empty For One Incredible Reason

One of the most incredible ways a person can help orphaned animals is through the process of adoption.

Fortunately, there are hundreds and hundreds of animal shelters and rescue centers around the world that give unwanted pets the opportunity to find forever homes. The workers and volunteers at these centers can have a huge positive impact on the lives of animals, like with these two shelter dogs that finally found a loving home.

The County of Summit Animal Control Facilityin Akron, Ohio, recently held 93 animals in its halls. Cages were filled with orphan cats and dogs, desperate to find someone to love them.

However, today, the facility looks quite different…

The animal control center has been making news this week because its facility is entirely empty, with not a cat or dog in sight. When I found out the reason, I was absolutely floored!

Scroll through below to see just where all the animals went, and why the center looks like it’s part of a ghost town.

h/t ABC News

Only a week ago, the County of Summit Animal Control Facility in Akron, OH, was home to nearly 100 cats and dogs looking for a home. But this week, things at the center look a whole lot different.


Every cage and pen that previously held a cat or dog sits completely empty. The facility no longer rings with the meows and barks of its residents. So where have all the animals gone?


In an effort to find homes for the shelter’s animals, workers and volunteers organized an event this past weekend: their sixth annual animal adopt-a-thon. While they were hoping to attract some loving families, they never expected this response.


Facility director Christine Fatheree told ABC News, ‘The line started at 6:30 in the morning. People brought lounge chairs. By the time we opened at 10, the line was 300-people long.’


Within the first hour and a half of the adopt-a-thon, every single one of the 93 animals had been adopted. Christine said, ‘People were coming from pretty far away and I asked them how they knew about the event. Of course, it was social media.’


Never in the history of the center has every single animal been adopted, leaving the facility completely empty. Among those adopted were several cats that were known for being extremely shy, and a dog named Trixie, whom Christine described as a ‘fat pit bull Tootsie Roll [who is] so sweet but does nothing.’


According to ABC News, one older couple was unable to adopt any animals so instead they made a financial contribution that paid for the adoption of the first 50 cats and dogs.


The wonderful time and energy spent by the facility’s workers and volunteers truly paid off for these animals. Christine said, ‘It’s not like other jobs where things can be put off. These animals can’t wait. They need homes. To know I was a part of this, it is such a good feeling.’


Finding homes for 93 different cats and dogs in a matter of 90 minutes truly is a miracle that proves just how many animal lovers are out there.

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