How Do We Teach Humane Education?

Humane education is a fun and interactive way to introduce our future generations to learning about themselves, other human beings, animals, and the environment that they live in.

At Bella’s Backyard Buddies, we create an exceptional experience through a variety of interactive events. We combine activities such as story-telling, puppet shows, games, craft activities, plays, reading programs, and critter circle discussions to create experiences that will spark the next generation to want to know more about topics such as…

      • Responsible pet care

      • Responsible food choices

      • Conservation

      • Recycling

      • Homelessness

      • Hunger

      • Diversity

      • Social justice

      • Poverty and more…

Participants have opportunities to take part in service projects and community services as well.

All of our activities are designed to be age appropriate and can be customized to fit any situation. Activities are designed to create a safe learning environment that encourages and motivates participants to ask questions and challenge themselves and others toward making responsible choices.

We encourage cooperative learning, not competitive learning.

We look to partner with schools, libraries, camps, church groups, animal trainers, stable owners, rescues, and shelters just to name a few. We also look to come alongside of parents, teachers, and youth workers to provide tools to improve the lives of our future generations.

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