Inmates Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted By Training Them In Prison

Finding a dog in an unexpected home is becoming more common than we think. But although I’ve never been in a prison, I’m pretty sure that you’re not supposed to have dogs in your cell.

After watching this video, I’ve been happily proved wrong, as I met  these furry friends who are undergoing a “training” period while staying in prison with the inmates themselves.

For two whole months, these dogs, who have been deemed un-adoptable, are being given a second chance to prove they deserve a home.And the inmates, who are given the approval to work with these dogs, are also given a second chance of some sort by proving that they can be responsible and continue good behavior.

During these two months, the dogs sleep, eat, and train with the inmates. And yes, that means they are sleeping in their cells with them.

At the end of the two months, the dogs get to go back to the shelter and hope for another chance at adoption with their newfound skills.

But the inmates do not get an adjusted sentence.

The love and support between these dogs and these inmates is apparent and helps both parties progress with just those emotions being exchanged.

When you hear what one inmate says about this experience, I think you’ll agree that this project helps everyone involved.

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