About Bella

Bella’s Story

Every dog has a “story” and Bella is no exception. I don’t know much about how she came into this world, or how she spent her first 8 months of life, but I do know that meeting Bella was divine intervention at it’s best.

In August, 2006, Bella was picked up as a stray off the streets in Castaic, California, just north of Los Angeles.  She was a little underweight, but she had beautiful red and black fur.  Her shelter tag said that she was at least part German shepherd.  She was not spayed when she arrived at the Castaic shelter, so she was not yet ready for adoption.  But with that smooth shiny coat and beautiful brown eyes, it wasn’t long before a family came by her cage and said, “We’ll take her”.  They agreed to come back for Bella in 5 days. Bella came through her surgery with flying colors and waited for her new family to come back for her…. she waited and waited and waited…. no one came for her…..


On August 23, 2010…a miracle happened….. Bella’s mom had come to the shelter to pick up another dog she had seen at the shelter 5 days before.  It seemed that Bella was not the only one who was surprised that day.  The shelter worker told Bella’s mom that the dog’s family had come to get her and she had gone home with them the day before.  With a heavy heart, Bella’s mom walked down the aisle of the shelter with the saddest face Bella had ever seen.


Mommy’s eyes met Bella’s and the rest is history….


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