A 60-Year-Old Man Takes His Senior Dog On A 60-Day Hike

Genghis Khan, otherwise known as “Desert Dawg,” is a very special pup and he knows it. “Man is only as cool as his dog,” he asserts. Asan absolutely gorgeous 10-year-old Australian cattle dog, you’d never know that his owner, Ace Kvale, found him abandoned under a trailer truck as a puppy.

Today, Desert Dawg accompanies his human on a 60-day, 400-mile hike through Utah’s breathtaking Canyon Country to celebrate Kvale’s 60th birthday. Their journey leads the two buddies through some pretty rough terrain, but this video isnt about the difficulties of hiking.

Its about the lifelong friendships we forge as dog owners.

Genghis has been an “author” of the popular blog Desert Dawg Adventure Blawg,where you can read all about his excursions with his photographer human.

“Man is packing,” Genghis appears to typeon alaptop. “Nervous. Hope I don’t get left home.” Thankfully, Im here to report that he doesnt get left home, though the trip will last longer than a year of his life in doggie years!

This reminds me a lot of the Denali short film, an absolutely devastating tribute to a mans precious friend. There was that spectacular performance where a Belgian shepherd actually performed CPR at a competition, too. Dogs are amazing!

While their interactions are just a little bit silly, this video exemplifies the love and nearly absurd dedication we have to our beloved dogs. If youre a dog person, youre totally going to enjoy every second of Kvales journey with his faithful pooch. I know I did!

All credit goes to Vasque.

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