Using Your Super Powers to Help


So, yesterday, I challenged you to think about what super powers you might have that you can use to help animals in need.  How did that go????

If you still aren’t sure about how you can help, here’s a few ideas to start you off…

Donate time at the shelter to feed, wash, brush or read to the animals at the shelter of your choice.  Check out the shelters in your area that could use your superpower to be with the animals.

Donate items to the shelter near you.  Tomorrow, I will post a Shelter Wish List that I gathered by talking with volunteers from various shelters and sanctuaries.

If you have a special skill/talent, volunteer to use your skills to help the shelter.  Can you write?  Volunteer to write animal bios, create a newsletter or help rite a funding proposal.  Can you draw?  Volunteer to make flyers or posters for special events.  Do you take photographs? Volunteer your time to take pictures of the animals for animal bios, flyers, social media posts, etc.

Are you an accountant or an attorney ?  Non-profit organizations always need financial and legal advice. If you are skilled at social media, volunteer to start or maintain a website or blog.  Do you have landscape, construction or painting skills?  Volunteer to help put up a new building (or repair an existing one) or take care of the grass in the play yards.  Can you teach?  How about teaching children and adults about how to treat  animals with dignity and respect?

Do you have organizational skills?  Volunteer to organize a fundraiser or gather donations and deliver them to the shelter of your choice. Contact the service organizations in your area (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.) and help to organize a work day at the shelter.

Can you consider adopting an animal?  How about fostering? Or if that is too much commitment for you right now, considering sponsoring an animal.










Well, by now I hope you have the idea that there are lots of different ways to use your powers to help give a voice to the voiceless.  I would love to hear how you are all getting involved, so please add your comments below……


Talk Soon.

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