Ready…. Set…. Go….


Bella in her backyard, keeping it safe.

Well, ready or not, we are off and running…. may all the dreams we dream come true……  “Where are we running to?” you might  ask.  Well, much like a mind map, this dream goes out in many directions.  If it all goes as planned, it will reach many people and change many lives.   It will empower  and give purpose to many who are searching.  It will teach many desperately needed lessons about living life and it will create a community of humans and animals who live with respect and unconditional love for one another.

This website will teach, guide and support people who have a heart to live in peaceful coexistence with other living beings.  It will be a vehicle for bringing like minded people together for a cause greater than themselves. It will be a place to share divergent points of view in a calm and respectful way.  This will be a journey full of twists and turns, joys and sorrows and hopefully an experience you will want to share with everyone that you know……

I will be sharing more over the coming weeks and I hope you will come along with me…


Oh, the places we will go….


Talk soon.

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