Female Prison Inmates Rehabilitate Stray Kittens To Help Better Everyones Lives

There are so many animals out there that are in need of a loving home. There are far too many to count, and shelters are constantly overflowing with all sorts of animals.

There simply aren’t enough homes to take in each and every animal in need.

So, sometimes, communities get very smart and creative with how to help animals and people all at once.

Folks who end up behind bars certainly aren’t all bad people. So many of these people end up in prison for one faulty decision, or as a result of their upbringing or their social status.

But, once they are behind bars, there’s nothing to be done except live out that sentence and learn from their mistakes. Wouldn’t that time best be served by giving them a new perspective on life, so that they can re-enter society with a new attitude and outlook on life?

When these inmates below were given the responsibility of caring for this mama cat and her kittens, they were shown a whole new side of life. They were given the responsibility of caring for other life, and therefore, reevaluated their own…

Don’t you think there should be more programs like this one set up across the country? So many lives would be saved, both human and feline.

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Read more: http://www.littlethings.com/prison-kittens-care/

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